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From Midwest — 02/12/2010

I agree with the person that pointed out that most people post on these sites who have had bad experiences with the company. I am in a management position, and seriously this job is all about HOW THE RSRS are TREATED BY THEIR MANAGERS!!! I've seen some DSLs just be completely unreasonable, sit on their asses, complain, and not get out THERE in the FIELD and HELP their guys. Servant-Leadership is the only way this job is made better. I know as a manager I am constantly out in the field with my guys, and they love it. They know I will be there for them and will bend over backwards for them. The one thing that did piss me off was that we couldn't buy Xmas gifts for them out of company funds, but you know what I did, as a manager, I paid out of pocket. Because, I feel that they need to be shown appreciation EVERYDAY for the work they do.

The problem is, that most management people are RSRs that have been promoted. Hiring from the outside has been a recent initiative to create some different viewpoints. When some of there RSRs are promoted, the last thing they want to do is extra work or get back out on a route. Some of them are just generally overall bitter. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of good ones in the bunch, but because they are hiring people out of college doesn't necessarily make it a bad thing. I was not hired out of college by the way. My guys have figured out ways to limit the amount of hours they are working, and myself as a manager am very conscious of it as well. The past holidays, and even superbowl, I am able to utilize my extras, myself, and the swing routes to make sure everyone has the help they need to complete the day in less than 10 hours. I am not the typical manager with Frito Lay. I notice a lot of people like to bitch and complain, but yet and still never offer a solution. I previously worked at a job that was 10x more demanding than Frito, so really, you don't know how good you have it, for those who are complaining.

Granted, I don't think we spend nearly enough on rewarding our RSRs, however, that is up to the Manager. I have given my guys all the tools they need to be able to win contests, and have even given them insight to winning tickets to the fiesta bowl. Which was RSR heavy when I went down there in the last couple of years. I think there is a lot of bitterness, but like I said, if you have worked outside the company, this job is much more rewarding.
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