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From Sterling Heights — 03/27/2009

Most of the people here review because they are angry with the company or there own personal situations. I have been through all sorts of emotions about Frito Lay. I guess in the end its what you make it. The Work will not do itself. If more attention is paid to the tasks at hand, instead of complaining, things would be much easier. This is a job like all jobs. I would rather win the lottery and travel all my life. But reality is I didnt hit that lottery. I have excepted the job for what it is and have change my focus and attitude. It went from being a place I couldnt wait to leave to a way to feed my family pay my mortgage and have a decent life for the level of education I have. I have work in a few places before and found the same problems with different characters. If you just goto work. Do the job. No Shortcuts. Things are fine. For a hard worker with a little self pride I would recommend this place for a decent living.
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