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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Salem, OR — 02/18/2009

Having moved around a bit while working for Frito Lay, I can tell you that how Frito Lay treats you as an RSR is highly dependant on the facility you are working for. The Southern Oregon Zone has a great Zone Leader who somehow manages to emphasize a great-work life balance among his employees while still achieving sales results. But I have also been in areas where it was all about the sales. That said, after the first couple years when you have had a chance to move to a decent route, Frito is a great place to work with good benefits comparatively and a fairly high level of job security. Advancement within the company is there if you apply yourself, show proven results, and can find a way to stand out amongst your peers. That said, its not a good time to be entering management in Frito due to the rough economy. The RSRs are going to be the last to be laid off if it comes to that for the simple fact that Frito cannot continue to grow without them.
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