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Job Security5
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From Corvallis, OR — 03/04/2010

I think perhaps some of the issues people are having are not because of the company, but rather people and society in general. Given the patriarchy that exists, I cannot be surprised. However, my experience working at the Fred Meyer in Corvallis has been fantastic. The HR rep is friendly, personable, and helpful. My boss hired me full time right away (I needed hours) and gave me a boost on the "pay steps" despite my complete lack of experience. Everyone took time to train the "new kid" and I know I asked way to many questions and I am sure it annoyed people, though everyone was respectful. My managers have been kind, human, and admirable, and most of my coworkers are dedicated. Actually, I feel as though my coworkers and bosses have accepted me and helped me make a community out of the work environment.

Pay is not incredible, but it's above minimum wage and I have only been here since October. Often I feel unchallenged, but I am kind of weird and like to learn constantly. Life/work balance is alright; when I was very sick and needed a week off, all I heard was a sympathetic "feel better soon" and "take care of yourself". Maybe it's different because we're a college town and we have a tiny store, but I really love it here because of the people (less because of the work).
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