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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment3

From WA — 12/05/2008

The first couple of weeks I worked at Fred Meyer, everything seemed find and I though I would actually be one of the few that enjoyed my job. How wrong I was.

The pay is alright, since it's above minimum wage. At first, I thought my pay was good, but after working there and realizing how much work I have to do for what i'm being paid (i'm a grocery parcel), it's kind of a joke.

There's plenty of people at Fred Meyer that don't show respect, particularly to people in my position. It's ridiculous. Even when you're working your butt off, no one will bother to say a simple "good job".

The benefits are good, except I hate the fact that Fred Meyer is part of the Union now.. so expect even more to be taken from your paycheck.

I'd say the job security is good. There's always gonna be people shopping at a grocery store.

Work life/balance SUCKS. Their scheduling system is so random, it makes it impossible to find a second job or to make plans.. and they will call you in A LOT to see if you can work a certain shift, because a lot of people call in sick or what not.

I've only been working here for 2 months, so i'm not sure about the career potential/growth. But a friend of mine has been working as a parcel for a year and has yet to be "upgraded". Another friend of mine said it took him FOREVER to be promoted from a parcel to produce.

Location is good, I suppose.

I enjoy most of the people I work with. It may be hard to believe, but there's a lot of drama, at least in the store i'm working in. But sometimes even the "nice" ones will b!tch at you for making the SIMPLEST mistake.

Overall, working at Fred Meyer isn't the best place.. the benefits are good, the pay is decent.. but there's too much drama in this store and not enough respect given among co-workers.. i'll be quitting here pretty soon.
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