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From Everett, WA — 07/20/2008

While the pay is good and the health benefits are excellent (thanks to the union), there are never enough people working so the stress level skyrockets for the few who are there. As a cashier in the Hardware Dept, I am frequently having to deal a long line and no help or help that comes too late. I suffer verbal abuse from certain customers and when I need a manager they are usually at the other end of the store. I had to wait an hour to go to the restroom one time because no one was available to take over for me. We used to have a team, now it's every person for themselves. I blame the upper management for failing to staff properly. If they only knew how crappy customer service gets when there is a lack of help on the floor... Why do we have four registers in my department and only one cashier? Beats me.
If you choose to work for this company make sure you NEVER cashier unless you are a masochist. I'm leaving as soon as I can.
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