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From St Louis, MO — 07/28/2010

I've been with F21 for over 2 years and have really enjoyed it! Yes, there are days that are rough, but here's a wake up call - its work! It's going to be hard sometimes, but that's with any job you've had. For the most part, this is a fun job where I get to talk about fashion all day, help customers shop fashion forward trends and get to know the employees.

I started off as a Visual and am now a Store Manager. I moved up the ladder quickly because I worked hard and did what was expected. I never felt as though I was sacraficing too much, I just did my personal best and it was recognized. Its the people who want to stand around, talk to their friends, slack off and not work that don't like F21. The store is too large with too many items to just stand around. You have to stay busy the whole time you're there, which also makes the time go by fast. Most employees I've worked with understand this and we're out of there an hour after the mall closes.

Forever 21 doesnt make their employees offer annoying credit cards or have sales requirements. The store does have sales goals, but it is for the whole store to work towards. They do not give out scripts for their employees to read on the phone or when greeting the door. It's really a place where you can be yourself, show off your personal style and be a personal shopper.

Benefits are good too, but only offered to full time employees. Its one of the best health care packages I've had. It even covers things like acupuncture, chiropractors ect.

Requesting time off is usually not an issue either. Part time employees have a lot of flexibility and full time employees have PTO. There are a few times during the year that everyone is required to work, such as back to school and holiday season. But that is to be expected! You're working in retail people- you need to be there for the busiest times of the year! It's a teamwork environment.

All and all, I've enjoyed my time and Forever 21 and look forward to sticking around for a while! Don't listen to these negative people who are exagerating about this company. They most likely are lazy, have attitude problems and really just dont want to work in general. :)
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