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From Oregon — 04/21/2010

Working at Forever 21 is not as bad as most of these people are making it seem. It has its advantages but it also has its disadvantages. The cool things about this job are the atmosphere. I get to be surrounded by all different styles, and it's really expanded my wardrobe due to the cheap prices. I get to see the new merchandise right when it's pulled out of the box and put on a rack. I have an amazing boss who is so accommodating. She's pretty fair with hour distribution among the sales associates, we're all within a few hours of each other. If we request days off, she's really great about giving us them off. A lot of our employees are students or have second jobs and she's awesome about working around our other schedules. I also love all the girls I work with, we've become friends and even hang out outside of work often. The downfalls of working at Forever 21 are.... well abundant. The company doesn't provide us with the tools to keep our store looking amazing. Other stores have crews who clean their stores often, jet pack vacuums, and other varies tools. We have loose tiles that the company has taken forever to fix, we have dirty curtains in the fitting rooms, tons of dust all over the store and so on. The store is so packed that it's cluttered and looks a hot mess. The discount is 10%, that's barely anything! Overall though, I like working at Forever 21.
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