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From Las Vegas, NV — 03/25/2010

I don't know if it's the location of the Forever 21 stores but the store I work at is amazing. I agree with everyone's reviews concerning disrespectful managers, but that's because I also worked at a Forever 21 that had an average town population. The managers at the fashion show mall have great experience and are concerned for the common sales associate. They have a :respect me, i'll respect you" type of policy. Especially at this location, the tourists are SO OBNOXIOUS, saying they can just go to Neiman Marcus to buy a cami or at my country, they'll let me return it. Anyways, the workers here are team players, everyone is in it as a team aswell as moving up individually. We get new workers occasionally but I guess the managers weed out the nonpotential. They reward us with praise and aren't really mean. They have favorites but I think that's relevant anywhere but that's not really a huge issue. From what I've seen, the managers here are very professional but can still joke around to lighten the mood. I'm just excited for the new store opening up, which will be the biggest one in the company so far! Hopefully, things won't change once the new store opens but I LOVE working here. It has it's ups and downs & it really shows you the ugly side of retail, especially with the customers!
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