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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From va — 02/18/2010

well i am currently working in forever 21 and i'm also balancing high school at the same time. working at forever 21 has been so far a great experience, you're always engaged in something whether its chatting with customers or organizing your section, you're always doing something so the job never becomes boring, and everyday is a different day and is always fun.

the pay is great! for it being my second job and not having much experience i personally think that 8.50 an hour is pretty much amazing. and the hours are good too, theres never a time when they need to cut my hours

The managers respect sales associates like they would like to be respected, theres rarely a time when the managers act harshly, they are basically one of us on the sales floor. And at least at the forever 21 i work at everyone treats each other with so much respect as if we were basically one big family. I remember my first day on the job i didnt know exactly what i was suppose to do, but my co workers were very nice to me and helped me along the way and just welcomed me into their big family

as of job security, there isnt much i can expect from that. there are occasionally fights at the front door but i have never heard of one inside, but other than the rare fights that go on, there has never been much of a situation in the area.

howcome i'm still in highschool i need to balance school, sports, extra activities and a job, and the managers do a great job in that. There was a time when i had to many hours but that was because i was working the holidays, but they understand that school comes first for me, so now they schedule my hours being careful that it does not interfer with my school. the work environment is always clean and organized, theres barely a time when we dont have enough of somehting to clean that or this, and the only problem we have had is that we didnt have paper towels.

basically i love working at forever 21, it's always so much fun,, theres always something to do, always people to engage with, and it's just an amazing place to work at. I remember my friends would tell me about people they knew who worked there, and they said that they would quit after the first day because according to them they felt like a slave and taht it was too much work, but honestly it's not even like that, the work is at times very long, but it's never hard, because i mean whats so hard about putting clothes back where they are suppose to be at in your section? theres nothing hard about it!
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