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From New York — 10/17/2010

I just started working at forever 21 a week ago and I'm quitting tomorrow. It is absolutely ridiculous, the only reason why I didn't quit earlier was because of the pay. Sales gets paid $9.50 an hour which is amazing but honestly for all the shit you go through it's not worth it. They have us working in there like crazy, people come in at 2pm and leave at 3am, they don't care if you have school the next day the managers only seem to care about themselves which is pathetic because while everyone is putting back 10 full racks of clothing the managers get to leave earlier than everyone else because they're too tired and they have their own things to worry about. No one can leave until everything on the racks is put back and if we're done we have to help people downstairs put everything back. [our forever 21 has 2 floors]
The customers honestly have no respect for the store, after working there I've realized how disrespectful and disgusting girls are. All the women and girls that shop in the store think it's okay to come in the store try clothes on and leave them wherever the see a rack, people get clothes from racks and if they drop even one shirt they're not picking it up because they don't feel like it they literally pull the shirts off the hanger if they're located high on the wall because they're too lazy to wait until you can reach if for them. Customers leave the accessory section a disgusting mess, there's always going to be clothes on the floor even if you've just organized and cleaned that section 10 mins before. I've worked in retail before but this place is crazy, I thought I could handle it but if it means that I'm going to start missing my college classes cause of this place then hell no. School is way more important and I thought I could level both school and working here but they don't give a fuck, they'll have you working until 3am even if you have class the next day at 8am they don't care if you get any sleep or if you're late to your class.
If you're not in at the exact time they want you to be you get written up, if you don't get a walk out or anybody to check you before you go on break you get written up, if you clock in 2 mins early you get written up, if you wear jeans that are too ripped or shirts that reveal too much you get written up, if you have your phone on you and they catch you that's a write up only managers are allowed to have there phones on them, if you take your break too late you get written up because they're not allowed to have you work more than 4 hours without taking a break if you're working 8 hours or more that day or that will give the store a violation and they can get sued so we need to make sure that we go on break when we're assigned and if not you get written up. How are we suppose to know what time we can go on break if we can't even check our phones, and you can't leave your station to check the time because you need to be there at all times. The only way to know the time is if you ask someone. All it is, is a bunch of rules and if you get written up 3 times you're "terminated". Honestly, I love the store it's one of my favorite places to shop but working there sucks, the discount is horrible and the hours are crazy, you can have it typed on your schedule that you're done at 10pm but they'll keep you until 2:30-3am, I don't even know why they make a schedule with times you can leave if it's pointless. The first day I started there it wasn't bad, I came in at 4pm and I had to stay until 1am because my manager didn't want to "overwhelm me with all the work". The second day I stayed until 2am and for my most recent schedule they had me working till close 2 days in row on one of those days they wanted me to come in at 10am the day after I stayed until 2:30 to work until close again.
Most of the managers there are cool but there's a couple of bitches that work there that give you the nastiest attitude, even some sales associates were rude they think that just because they've worked there longer that it's okay for them to talk shit about new people. Everything has to be perfect and put back in it's place and if not then you have to re-do everything and on top of that if they feel like it they'll put you in another location so now you have to work in two sections at once and multitask with sometimes the help of NO ONE.
This girl who works there got written up because her mom go into a car accident and she didn't inform the managers before her shift but her mom got into an accident the same day she was scheduled to work but the didn't care they still wrote her up for it. If you call saying you can't make it because of personal family emergencies of if you just really don't feel good you need to have PROOF that you're telling the truth, so lets say a relative passes away you need to have PROOF that they've passed away with a death certificate, are you fucking kidding me? How disrespectful. Most of my friends were thinking about applying there but after they found out how crazy it was they decided that it would be better to just stay as customers because honestly you'll lose lots of sleep, personal time and you'll be stressed all the time. This places literally sucks the life out of you, forget about having a social life after this because after the day you start working there it doesn't exist anymore.
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