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From Livonia, Michigan — 11/13/2006

For salaried employees, Ford is undesirable. Having been there for 30 yrs. I can speak with some authority. Politics permeates every part of Ford. One is either "in" the loop or "out". Team playing is strongly emphasized. Team playing means: do whatever it takes to make your boss look good and get him / her promoted. What a "team player" will do is: brown-nose, snitch on other employees to the boss, be a spy, provide defense for the boss, and do his work for him when possible. The idea of hard work being rewarded with merit increases and promotional opportunities is a fantasy. Ford's upper management rewards its salaried employees by cutting their benefits, eliminating merit increases, reduction of their performance ratings, taking away sick time and various other "take-backs". Yet the Private Salary Roll remains untouched. While pay has traditionally been above average, with cuts in benefits, our purchasing power has greatly diminished. We are now paying much more out-of-pocket expenses for health care. Career growth potential is based on one's ability to make their boss look good. Usually, the workplace environment is better than average. Respect is a two-way street. It starts with management's respect of its employees; respect must be earned but at Ford, is not. It is expected by bosses that employees respect them first. Ford used to be family oriented; not anymore. My reccomendation is that Ford is no longer a desirable employer.
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