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From Cleveland — 03/09/2009

The pay at this company was ok, unless you start at the bottom and work your tail off to move to a higher position, then you just get that standard 2% increase even though you were promotion worth, or better yet, get promoted and get no increase, your just told that this promotion will look good on your resume! Those coming in the door in higher positions are compensated well. Co-Workers were great, upper management didn't even take notice of you unless you made a mistake. Benefits were ok, a bit expensive. NO job Security, every year employees were told that they were on the chopping block so you better PRODUCE (even if you were a top producer.) Work Life Balance OK unless in sales role. Retail Regional Managers worked 20hrs a day and were never given any credit for their efforts. Over all a ok place to work as long as you could sell more than humanly possible or kissed upper management butt.
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