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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Columbus, OH — 10/07/2010

Reading others reviews makes me question if I work at the same bank. Coming from 10 years at another company to Fifth Third with worries about job security, future growth, and being a new mother work/life balance I have found the company very favorable in all catagories. I work in retail banking and from what I have seen-yes the bank is focused on selling products that make sense for our customers but the result the bank is looking for is not only income but to build a solid connection with customers so that as a bank we are meeting all the potential financial needs for our customers. My experience has been that if you focus on taking care of your customers the sales follow. After reading the other reviews I tend to think that it is a group of people who either had a bad manager which does happen or more likely just didn't have the customer service skills to cut it in a people and sales focused environment. As for the comment that 5/3 pushes products when people need them, there have been several employees fired for exactly that, unethical selling.
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