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From Merrimack, NH — 10/11/2008

I have been with Fidelity for two years now and I feel that it is a wonderful company to work with. The grounds are beautiful and I have developed some wonderful relationships. As a phone rep, I make way better money than I would expect to for the job we do. The unfortunate circumstance that I find my self in as a payroll rep is that I know I'm going to be let go, I just don't know WHEN.

There is plenty of growth potential, and though some think that you have to be attractive to get a promotion, the reality of the situation is that you actually have to have drive. Those that feel they can't advance because of their "looks" are the same that probably don't have a whole lot of work ethic; the people that are consistently give misinformation and have call avoidance. Sometimes I feel the people I work with are completely incompetent. These are also the same people who signed paperwork as a new hire agreeing to work mandatory OT during the busy times, and then complain that they have to work it. We all have kids and it's definitely frustrating to work 830am-8pm everyday of the week, but think about all that extra money. With the state of the economy, most people need it.

Bottom line is, regardless of your position, Fidelity offers great opportunities for people, with or without a college degree. They pay well and offer great employee benefits. Even if your upset about being laid off, you should consider the good things and all of the opportunities you had that maybe you didn't take advantage of.
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