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From Merrimack, NH — 04/02/2008

I know Fidelity is not the perfect place for everyone, but through my experiences so far I can say it is the perfect place for me.

I work on the phones in Merrimack, started on the bottom and have worked my way up. Its tough starting out. You're going to be answering general service and trading calls, day after day. It is frustrating, it is difficult. However, when you put your time in, step up and make a difference with clients, and also make those around you better colleagues through example, recognition and rewards do come.

I put a lot of time and effort into what I do at Fidelity, and Fidelity has always made me feel appreciated. My efforts have translated into numerous promotions and career advancements that drive me even more.

I have read most of the reviews on this site. I understand what everyone has said and I have known people in the past at Fidelity that have felt similar. The key word in that sentence being "past," because most of them aren't there any longer. Every company has employees that will complain about anything and everything, and most of these people fit into that category. They need to get over themselves for one moment and realize that everyone needs to start some where, just go out and do your job. When you do your job, do it well, and bring just a little bit something extra to the table, Fidelity rewards.

There is no other company that I would rather work for than Fidelity, and I expect to be there for many years to come. I encourage anyone who is passionate about helping people and enjoys a hard days work to come join me.
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