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From Texas — 12/18/2007

I like my job. It's a pain to drive 30 miles both ways, but thats my fault, and short of selling my house, I ain't gonna do it. So I will live with it. The benefits are unreal. 7% match PLUS profit sharing of another 10% of your total pay. Health benefits are normal, but you get several choices and not stuck into one thing.

Corporate perks are simply amazing. Discounts on gym equipment, computers, cell phone, etc. Unreal. And you only got to be here 6 months to get the computer discount. Plus they give you up to $275 a year for gym stuff (I take martial arts and that falls into it).

I don't know why the other people here hate it, claiming only the "cute" ones get the promotions. I see some drop dead gorgeous girls who are stupid and don't get squat.

For those of you crying about it, its a call center job. What do you expect? I never get hasseled about numbers, MY manager treats me with respect. And I got my first promotion within 8 months (without any sucking up). Don't screw up and your job is safe. Pay is pretty good, but once you get the license you can go somewhere else. This is quite common though.

I have no problem getting out of overtime IF I don't want it. But I don't mind the overtime either.
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