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From Merrimack NH — 03/09/2007

I have only been with the company for 11 months and hate the way there are so many inconsistancies in the way things are done. You have a team called trade support that is suppose to help you when someone feels you may have done something wrong. That's a joke in itself. I have 2 trading errors against me because when we were trained we were givin incorrect information. 1 of those was compounded because the person who actually entered the secound half of the transaction in the client services group was incompitent and can't follow directions and sent a check instead of moving money electronically. The people who train you haven't traded in like 5 years. So I asked some people in my training class and other classes what they would have done for one of these trades and they said they would have done it the same way because that is how they were told to do it in class. Work Life balance is a joke. They tell you that you should really get some market knowledge to make you a better trader but want you to do it on your own time without pay and give you no guidance at all on the best way to do that. As far as respect goes, you are suppose to give respect to get it. Well customers don't have to respect you. They can call up and drop f bombs on you and say other things and you're suppose to sit there and take it. I have worked in the serice industry for 20 years and this is the first place that has ever told me to sit there and take it. Any other place would tell you to give the customer a warning and then allow you to hangup if it continues.
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