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From CA — 02/13/2010

FedEx Ground hub Package Handler

1 When I asked the hiring manager what is the most important quality the best employees at FedEx should have she said drive. I started working harder at the gym as my first day approached.

2 I took the statement she said and live by it at work!

3 I receive a lot of praise and the respect is top-notch unless someone does not know your hard work. I was employee of the month during my first month. I interviewed for a manager position after 2 and a half months at another location. Did not get the job, but they called me saying it was a very tough decision.

4 My manager is a terrific mentor and is showing me more manager responsibilities every day. I did just graduate from college, so I realize it gives me a little bit of a leg up on others.

5 The hardest thing is getting others to do their best or at least work to standard. I love the team I work with. I feel like we have the best team in the hub.

My goal is to be that person that has a positive influence on everyone else.
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