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From MEMPHIS — 01/12/2010

Iím working for a company that is so politically correct that it is almost impossible to get promoted by merit. This is not the company I came to work for ten years ago. Donít get me wrong FedEx is a great company It just has some issues when it comes to dealing with its employees in regards to its Guaranteed Fair Treatment policy. When someone does a good job and is loyal to a company He or She should have the opportunity to advance in that company and not be passed over by those who are placed in a position in order to fill a quota to ensure political correctness. Any person is qualified for a position should have the same opportunity as the next with No Bias provided they meet the qualifications for the job. FedEx is just another large company that is slowly forgetting about the hard working people that make each successful day possible if it wasnít for them. Those who are placed in positions for reasons other then being qualified would certainly fail. Iím not mad just disappointed.
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