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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment2

From Pocatello,Idaho — 09/05/2009

Pay is good for paycheck to paycheck living, for just a high school graduate; it will pay the bills. Respect is there if earned, if you can earn it. That would be up to the individual who deems it worthy of earning it. Benifits are great with affordable plans,deducted weelky. Job security, its certain; if your a driven individual, who can keep his or head to the grind stone, keep your nose clean, and most of all remember the golden rule, 'the Purple Promise" you and the company will have job security. Depending on you shift, you adjust. Career potential growth is easy. Just apply yourself and with the apprentice ship programs, you can do whatever you desire. You may have to reloacate to a diffrent center though. Location is within 30 miles of most every major city in the U.S. Co - worker competence,can be seen from the individual,or by others whose job it is to monitor these good employees. As an individual watching your fellow employees remember, your not perfect either,nor are the people watching the both of you perform day to day. As long as you buy into the purple promise and the "Golden Rule", things will work out. Overall the screening process dosen't weed out the bad apples. They are made from spoils and toils. You may encounter these workers who can make every possible situation miserable or delightfull. There work ethics may be questionable, but they won't be left unnoticed. You work as a team with diffrent goals, dreams, and personalities. Your managment team keeps up with your individual productivity;they then, answer to their bosses who look at your centers overall performance, and so on. So do your job , they will be trained every day, and so will you. Work enviroment is dusty, not good for contact lens, also very loud at times,and fast paced not for the faint at heart.
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