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From Chicago — 09/02/2009

Pay: In this area, for us drivers, at least, FedEx is definitely lacking. UPS, Airborne/DHL, etc, are all paid far more than we are. Hopefully we go union in the near future and get a nice bump up in pay.

Respect: This depends on who your manager is, and how often you have to deal with other managers. For the most part i've been fortunate and had managers that are respectful. However, others have been extremely arrogant and/or disrespectful. When the economy started going down last year, our senior manager actually had to nerve to tell us that his job was secure, and that some of us might not be so lucky. He wasn't joking, either.

Benefits: Can't complain at all about them. I don't know how they stack up against what other companies offer, but i've never had any problems with doctors/dentists, etc.

Job security: Even in this tough economic climate, FedEx isn't laying people off, so i feel pretty safe, especially when you consider that they've never laid folks off the way UPS and others have.

Work/Life balance: Again, this can depend on who your manager is. Some will let you go right home once your route is done, which to me is the way it should be. Others, however, will expect you to stick around to pick up the slack of others -on a daily basis-. Sorry, but if i'm out there busting my ass for 8 or 9 hours to get all my work done, i shouldn't be forced to stick around for another hour or two to pick up the slack of a lazy-ass co-worker.

Career potential: It's either management or bust. If you're interested in a management position, they're available.

Location: My job is less than 10 minutes from my house, so its location is just about perfect to me.

Co-worker competence: Either you get lucky and have good people around you, or you don't, which means you're going to suffer. I'm lucky and have some damn good workers around me.

Work environment: Can't complain about this, either. My co-workers are a lot of fun, and we're always joking around and having a good time. Even the managers join in from time to time.
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