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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment4

From Grove City, Ohio — 09/26/2008

Pay: They pay a pretty darn good amount to start for your average entry level warehouse job; $11hr PT, average about 20-25hrs. Also, they now have yearly preformance raises, which they did not have when I started. This is a good place to work during college, IMO.

Respect: Well what would you expect? If you do your job, if you care, if you are willing to go beyond every now and then, the respect is awesome. If you are just there to collect a pay check, they will be cordial to you, but I would expect that any way. Your and idiot if you don't. Management is 90% pleasent and friendly.

Benefits: Actually, for PT work the package is pretty nice. No vacation until you reach FT, but you can have VTO (voulentary time off) usually. The best to me has to be the tuition assistance. As long as you can prove your going to school and have decent grades, you'll get up to $1,500 a year for nothing. Money in your pocket, just prove your status!

Job Securty: long as people buy junk online, and you are not lazy, you have a job! Wow, who knew right?

Life Balance: Decent. It depends on the manager. For students, they do understand the concept of education coming first, and they will generally, GENERALLY work with you within reason. The hours will vary depending on the shift your on, but always 4-5hrs a day Mon-Fri -or- Tues-Sat. Don't expect to get the shift you want right away unless you want 2nd and 3rd. People on 1st know they have it great and its hard as hell to get there!

Potential Growth: Very Positive for the company, it is growing more every year. As far as promotions go, well if the Hub keeps getting bigger, there will be more oppertunities. If you want any kind of management, you will need a degree or at least be in school for one at the time. There are positions to rotate around, but they pay the same.

Location: Who cares? Its a nice neighbor hood if that's what you mean..... its right off the free way.

Co-workers: Same as any job really. Some are great. Some are ok. Some are idiots. A lot of them are of somolia orgin, and with out going into a debate they tend to want something for nothing. Everyone else is basially a grab bag.

Environment: Pretty cool equipment to work with I'd say. It is safe, for the most part. REMEMBER, it is a warehouse, there is heavy equipment, use common sense, and you won't get hurt.

Over all, I like working here. I have gotten a lot from this job.
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