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From cleveland — 11/07/2008

Even though we have had some problems & stresses over the years, exemplified by the recent Fed-wide consolidation of check operations, the Fed, and this Reserve Bank in particular, is a very good place to work. Most business decisions are made with a technocratic frame of mind (with a public policy bias), rather than via political jockeying. Most promotion & pay decisions seem to be made as if this was a meritocracy, rather than mainly on who you know or who likes you. The Bank is a risk-averse institution, but has been willing to undertake more risky approaches to internal decisions in recent years, as compared to decades ago, and to tolerate more internal-entrepreneurial behavior than was once the case. So it is not some lumbering bureaucracy. We are not the highest paying enterprise in the local market, but we are one with some of the most interesting & intellectual challenges that employees can tackle.
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