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From Orange County CA — 04/28/2008

I am an Air Traffic Controller for the FAA and the pay (even though it's being cut) is awesome. I can't make anything near it anywhere else with my skills. I rated the location a -5 because although I LOVE where I am now, the FAA doesn't care where you want to work and they will put you anywhere they want. I know because they put me 1000 miles away in the middle of nowhere and the impossible occured when I got to where I am now. Transfers are almost impossible to come by and if you move you will go into the new payband which is about a $40,000 pay cut.

Co-worker competence: We work airplanes so there really isn't room for error. That being said everyone is pretty competent except for managers. The people that can't control airplanes end up being managers and that's just a bad combination.

Work environment: Horrible. It hasn't always been horrible, it was great prior to 2006. They overrode our union and imposed work rules on us that decreased morale to its lowest. Pay cuts, dress code (I don't care about the dress code but in addition to everything else when we don't see anybody it sucks), imposed schedule changes at the last minute that you can't say no to or your fired. Overtime that you can't say no to. Can't leave for lunch even if it's 20 feet away. If you say the wrong words and it's a grammatical error you could be severely punished (one case of this is when a controller omitted the word "be")

Career Potential: the sky seems like the limit if you do the right things.

I love my job and I love talking to airplanes. They have just made it such a harsh environment with a ton of negativity and complaining. I try not to complain because I am thankful to have such a good job as far as pay, security and benefits. I pretty much don't care about what happens at work as long as it doesn't affect my home life. The schedules on the other hand affects my home life.
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