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From St Louis,MO — 03/04/2010

I am an agency owner with Farmers Insurance and becoming an agent in 2004 was by far the best career decision I have made for me and my famliy. In order to be a succesful agency owner with any company in the insurance industry hard work and sacrifice is required in the early stages of your career. This can only be acheived by you and for those agents that have commented about Farmers products being out of market let me just say that all insurance companies face challenges but Farmers has so many products to offer that I know you are just making EXCUSES and blaming Farmers for your lack of discipline.
Some of the best claims reps in my area are clients of mine and they talk about how much they love working for Farmers and what a great career it has been for them. I work closely with the MO state office and most of those people are where they are in their career because they worked hard and instead of complaining looked for the next best thing to advance their career. For those who want to sit at their desk and submit complaints about Farmers while they are being paid by Farmers I would say that you should go elsewhere, the problem is not the company or is YOU! and people like YOU. The potential in Farmers is proven by the do-ers year after year from agents, claims, servicepoint, helppoint, FNWL, state offices and the home office. In fact our last CEO started with Farmers as an entry level claims rep, then an agent and worked his way to become the CEO and now is a high level manager at one of the largest international insurance companies in the world.
Those who want to sit at the bottom and always complain, have fun at the bottom.
Those who want to do well for themselves and their families should consider working with and for one of the best insurance companies, Farmers Insurance.
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