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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From OKC, OK — 11/18/2009

Pay - Extremely competitive for the OKC market. Raises are also far and above what most companies in this market are giving.

Respect - I have the authority to do my job and the only time I am trumped is if I allow an escalation to get above me. I really am allowed to treat my team like it's my own business.

Benefits - These have taken a real hit over the last two years. This would be the only reason I could see myself leaving this company, but the new company would have to really blow these away.

Job Security - I feel my job is very secure as long as I perform. And as long as you work hard you can prosper. It is a values based, performance driven environment, so you are expected to perform. I have no problem with that.

Work/Life Balance - Absolutely no complaints. I have worked salaried jobs for half the pay that required regular, 50 hour work weeks. Still have friends that do. Here I work 40 and have doubled my salary.

Career Potential/Growth - Great. There is mega potential, especially if you are mobile and have a good attitude.

Location - The current HP is in a horrible location, but we are getting a new one built custom for us. It will be ready mid 2010 and is in a fantastic location. What other employer is building new, custom buildings in this environment?

Co Worker Competence - I work with great people, we work as a team and are there for each other.

Work Environment - Claims can be stressful, but we have a great management team leading us.

If you are interested in Farmers, I recommend working at one of the FOUR HelpPoints, we are growing, adding 350 new jobs in the next year, with lots of new management spots as well. The HelpPoints are quicker, cheaper and more accurate than any other Farmers operations and are getting new work from the current, and new aquisition companies. Our benefits are not as good as they were two years ago, but between a nice STIP (cash payment), a 6% company matched 401k, HSA yearly seeding (500 or 1000 dollars a year), the cash balance program (free money contributed by Farmers quarterly to a 5% guarenteed account) and a frozen pension plan benefit, I feel very fortunate indeed. I make over twice what my starting pay was just 5 years ago and have more job satisfaction than I have ever had in my life. Many of the complaints on this site come from the field operations, as they seem to be fading a bit, but the sky is the limit in the HelpPoints. The company is very transparent and has made it clear to the endangered operations that if they are mobile, there is opportunities in the HelpPoints.
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