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From Virginia Beach, VA — 04/25/2010

I worked at Farm Fresh as a manager for over 5 years. If you are a manager the pay their is very good. You are given way more hours than what Food Lion gives their employees to work. Unfortunately, the company is going down pretty quick in my opinion. First the President of the company gets forced into retirement for sexual harassment. They will be closing down 5 stores by the year end. I also heard they will be closing down their home office and axing a lot of high paid do nothings. Specifically the so called "shrink experts" and "merchandisers" who really contribute barely anything. One big gripe I have is with the Human Resource dept at the home office in particular. I had an employee who was smoking pot constantly and tried to have him turned in and even went down there and complained. I talked to both the head of hr (a guy who truly looks like Frankenstein) and his sidekick (a big pig of a woman who is way to stuck up) and they looked at me as if I were a rat. Jesus Christ it was affecting his performance. Anyways, I made the jump to another company.
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