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Job Security5
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From Irvine, CA — 10/05/2009

Farheap Solutions is an incubator company that is the parent for a number of related businesses, all involved with selling printed materials such as business cards on the internet. These include the website,, the printing plant in KY, the customer service/call center in Las Vegas, and the corporate HQ in Irvine, CA. In general, the company seems to learn and evolve by trial and error. Some things are done right from inception, others only after a failure. It is a very fresh, entrepreneurial environment that requires a tough skin and the ability to step into the breach and provide leadership when it is missing and needed. Compensation is generally fair and market competitive when compared to companies of similar size. Many aspects of organizational development are lacking, and will need to be fleshed out as the organization matures and becomes more stable at its core. There are a number of extremely bright, effective and excellent people throughout the organization, and also a number of duds. The trend is in the right direction, and as long as smart people who get things done replace the useless, the company will have a bright future. Overall, it is a great place to work if you are secure in your own abilities and can function without having to have your hand held. If not, you're probably doomed.
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