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From Irvine, CA — 07/01/2010

Farheap Solutions was a great company to work at for the past six years. Pay was good, Benefits were okay. The main office in Irvine was an absolutely beautiful place to work, I miss it! It's an entrepreneurial environment, everyone is expected to work very hard and not sit around talking to co-workers. A good thing was management did not micromanage. They wanted us to solve problems and come up with innovative ideas on our own, which I really liked. Of course everything was not perfection at all times. The old CFO was the worst at his job! Maybe a nice guy but he made colossal mistakes, was incompetent and it's a blessing for the company he's gone. As for the "bi-polar" CEO, (Brett Heap), it's the complete opposite of what this disgruntled ex-employee said below. This poster most likely got fired for being lousy at his job and is just venting even though it's inevitable that any reputable company would not have him/or her. And it's unfair when its about a good company and in particular a great person to work for.

The CEO of Farheap is brilliant in my opinion. He is the polar opposite of manipulative. Ask anyone who has been with the company from the beginning, he is genuine and honest! I had great respect for him as a leader and will keep in touch with him as I move on to different endeavors. He is a very approachable guy who works exceptionally hard. He genuinely cares about the employees. During the summer he would take everyone in groups, (families too!) to Lake Mead for weekend houseboat trips. How could that be selfish?! We would all go for free drinks and food at Friday night happy hour once a month, and different things like that. I wish I was still there! This is a growing company with a bright future.
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