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From Alexandria, MN — 07/17/2010

I had started at a Famous Footwear before it even opened (new store, trained before the opening of the store and did freight and all that fun stuff) and just recently had my last day there.

I absolutely loved it and I regret not asking my manager if I could just transfer to a different store.

The pay was decent (as a sales associate, I was started off at $8..but I found out sales associates after me actually got closer to $8.50...which was a little frustrating, but oh well) but when I got to be an assistant manager, I was only making 25 cents more than some sales associates. That was a little ridiculous in my opinion, but oh well.

The respect levels were wayy up there. If you didn't show respect, you'd get a nice little talking to or you'd lose your job. (The ones who didn't show that they cared actually quit without taking constructive criticism... apparently they couldn't handle it or something even though it was never anything major).

I never got benefits, so to me..the benefits were poor (other than the 30% off discount, but other than that.. I didn't get the nice health benefits or anything).

Job security was great. If you showed that you really cared about what you were doing, you knew that your job was going to be yours and there'd be the possibility of moving up quickly. I was promoted to assistant manager after only 2 months of the store being opened.

The work/life balance wasn't bad either. If you wanted a day off, you were most likely to get it off (unless absolutely NO ONE could switch or something but that RARELY ever happened).

The potential to move up was amazing. I hadn't had any REAL retail experience but because I had shown so much progress and did so well, I was promoted quickly. (Basically as long as you do your job and can determine right from wrong, you'll have no problem moving up).

The location for the store isn't the greatest. It's in a small a smaller town. We did pretty well though for being in such a small area and we held the number 1 title in accessories for our district quite a few times and have made it in the top 10 in the whole company for our accessories!

The co-worker competence thing had only been an issue with an assistant manager who actually ended up moving and then a new assistant manager that had come in. I never understood what was so hard about closing the registers down (ESPECIALLY when it prompts you and tells you how to do everything the right way...). Other than those two, I loved my other co-workers.

The environment was pretty great too. I didn't like the whole having to dress up and not have piercings in thing, but it wasn't the worst thing in the world and customers really respect you more when you look classy verses looking like a sloppy teenager. The music would get irritating though since it was one of those company radio deals.

All in all, I really miss Famous and it was a great place for me to work.
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