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From Scottsdale, AZ — 02/04/2009

Famoous Beach Bum, as part of the Reverse Funnel System works, and works very well for everyone who takes action. It sounds like beach work, but it really is not. If you want to make money and relax, this is for you! Who is successful: A real estate agent, auto sales, work at home mom, previously laid off and the list goes on and on. Why does it work so well? Because this is a system that was created with all the good of network marketing and none of the bad. No prospecting or selling, and no human factor! The inventors found that the human factor was the one thing that got in the way of success, so they took out selling and replaced it with a proven system and a top notch back end sales and support team. The only thing that every business, including this, has in common is the need for advertising. Knowing this, the masterminds made sure that all the business owners receive plent of marketing training, advice, coaching, support, and they are even supplied a variety of marketing sites and more. All combined, the system is the answer to many work at homers. No more calls in the middle of the night, no more marketing questions unanswered. Just money coming in, in $1000 increments!! $3-5K a week is very real, especially in a bad economy!!
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