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From Missouri — 04/22/2010

I worked at Family Video for 2 1/2 years. I never knew I could love and hate some place at the same time. I started fresh out of high school working part time only a few hours a week. After 6 months I made full time and within a year I was assistant manager of the store. Pay was great. My first regional manager gave all of us .50 raises every six months on the date. Until Levi came along and no one got anything ever. I felt I was respected as an employee. Benefits were great. Great insurance and free rentals was worth it. Job security was nonexistent. Their motto is that we're always hiring because we could always get rid of someone for someone better. Basically if you can't do your job then we'll find someone who will and pay them less. Work/Life balance was fine. It was like every other work environment, people are stupid. You deal with ignorant people all day whether they are customers or coworkers. I was sexually harassed by my manager once when he was actually trying to do his job for once and he wasn't fired just transfered to a different store. Upper management is a bunch of partying drunks. All "meetings" they have consist of them drinking and hooking up with each other.
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