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From Northeast IL — 03/30/2010

Wow. A lot of people trashing the Fam Vid (as we all called it). I managed 5 different stores right out of college (including Glenview which is right next to the home office) and was also key in opening a new location in Westchester. Honestly, the things that people have said on this website can be true! If you are not aggressive about where you want to go in the company, then you will be stuck hitting a ceiling (as is true in ANY company). A lot of the complaints about the work, customers, etc. is true with ANY retail operation. Retail can be a very nasty business! Turnover in any retail job is going to be high. But here is the one very large difference with Family Video - if you show that you have the right skills then they are very good about empowering you to run the store like it's your own business. I did run into a few very bad DM's but was able to voice my concerns and was able to transfer to different stores. Just make sure YOU ask questions during the interview process and make sure you're in a region that is going places. I was able to be very success with them because I hired the right people. And that's what the higher ups always stressed! I did leave the company (mostly because retail was not what I wanted to end up doing) but I look back on my experience as extremely important in my growth to where I am now. If you're looking for a career in retail - or more importantly just getting out of college and you really want to practice your management skills, then I think this is a GREAT company to start with.
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