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From ohio — 03/15/2010

I know that everyone has different experiences working with the same company but I felt it was necessary to stick up for Family Video, because apparently unlike a lot of people who have posted on here, I've had a terrific experience. It is honestly probably the best job I've ever had with keeping in mind that I am a recent college grad and have not yet had a career. I have been with the company for about seven months and have very little bad to say about my job at all.
Honestly, I think the worst part about the job is the nasty people who come into the store. I mean seriously smelly, dirty people with 2 teeth and then try hitting on you because you so obviously want to go on a date with someone who smells and has no teeth. That is my number one complaint, but thats not the company's fault.

Pay: The company starts you out at a little over minimum wage, which isn't terrible. It's probably better than you will find elsewhere in this economy. And it's not hard to get raises. After being there for 6 months I got a 25 cent raise, which isnt amazing or anything, but it's something, which has been my number one complaint at pretty much every single job I've had. The one place I worked for almost 6 years starting right when I was 16, never, not once gave me a raise. So I'm okay with it.

Respect: I've never felt anyone try to belittle me. If I'm doing something wrong, someone will pull me aside and tell me what I did wrong and how to correct it. This is including the assistant manager, store manager, district manager and regional manager. Nobody has ever deliberately embarrassed me or made me feel stupid.

Benefits: I'm only a part timer so I don't really know much about health benefits or anything like that but one thing I really like about the company is the fact that they do treat you like family. A girl who worked at one of our stores locally had been there for about 9 months when her car broke down and she didn't have the money to get it fixed and was about to quit because she didn't have a way to get to work when she was scheduled. The company gave her money to get her car fixed and just took a little out of each paycheck so she would still have enough money to survive. I thought that was amazing! Also, I don't know if you consider this a benefit, but employees can rent any movie for free except for the brand new releases which have just come out within the last 3 to 4 weeks-ish, which makes sense. Also, we can rent the movies that are just about to come out within the next week before it is actually released to the public. Then we get half off of game rentals. Another thing I consider a benefit is our "sales." Anytime we sell a half off card, a rental of the day, an ecommerce order, a rent 3 get 1 free, or a variety of other things, we get commission for it. People complain that it's so hard to do (especially because you CAN get in trouble if your sales are not up to par - we have to have 1 sale in every 10 customers) but if you are offering something to every single customer that comes up to you, it's honestly not that difficult. I'm one of the best salespeople in my district and my trick is as simple as asking every single person. That's what bugs me most about other people's comments, saying they can get fired for not having good sales. It's your own fault. Some days I can go with getting one sale per every 2 people.

Job Security: As long as you are doing okay on your sales and aren't pissing off your coworkers, I'd say your job is pretty safe!

Work/Life Balance: Family Video completely works around my schedule. I was still in school when I first started the job and most of my coworkers are still in school, so they definitely work around our schedules. Also, I coach softball and track at a local high school and they still find ways to schedule me a decent amount of hours while still letting me do what i love: coaching. The only thing I would say negative about this is the fact that we are open 365 days a year, meaning we are open on holidays. My family is huge on the holidays. FV however will pay you time in a half or even double time on major holidays which is a bonus and surprisingly a lot of people take them up on this offer so the people who absolutely do not want to work, don't have to.

Career Potential/Growth: It's fairly easy to move up in the company. If you are a good worker and you ask to be promoted to an asst. or a manager, they will generally start training you to become a manager. However, you must be willing to transfer stores or even move at that. Typically stores only have one manager and one assistant. Also, if you show great potential when you are a part timer, they train you to close, which automatically makes you a keyholder and a shift manager. The next step from being a closer, is becoming an opener, which is more difficult than closing. As I've said, I've been with the company for 7 months and I am already a shift manager, being both an opener and a closer.

Location: This is just me personally, I drive a half hour to get to my store location, which isn't always the most convenient thing for me, but I also view this as my fault. When I was still in school, this store was fairly close to my school, so it wasn't a big deal. Now it kinda sucks. But oh well. If I asked to transfer, I am sure they would oblige, but I love my coworkers and the store I work in.

Co-worker Competence: Before being hired, you have to take a timed test and it's a pretty difficult test. A majority of the people fail it, so to be hired you have to be at least a little competent. I haven't worked with anyone who I just wanted to punch because they were so stupid, so that's a good thing.

Work Environment: I love the store I work in and I love the people I work with and I like doing my job. As I've said this has been my favorite job thus far in my life and if you got a chance, I would recommend this job to anyone!
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