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From Union City — 02/17/2010

At Union City less than two years ago Family Video invaded our town. I say invaded because since then we have put out Blockbuster, Movies to go, a locally owned store, and Movie Gallery in Union City and also a Movie Gallery in a town about 15 min from our store. The pay is average but i love my job. When I first got the job I was thinking it was just a movie store how hard could it be. I was mistaken and found out fast that there was more to it that I thought. There is also alot of opportunities which I have actually thought about with my future marketing degree trying to get in with the headquarters. It could be that our store is always number one in our region and usually in the top 50 of the company and all but one employee is in the top 200 (out of like 6,000) employees, but my experience at Family Video has been great, and I plan to stay for a good bit longer.
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