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From Columbus, OH — 10/19/2010

First of all, I came in the test you had to take as a wonderful way of making sure that employees are competent. When I passed, I felt a sense of pride, but the more I thought about it, the things they were asking me to do don't exactly relate to the job duties of a video store, so why?

I expected the pay to be where it was. I was going to be a part-timer, but I got really excited when I was first hired because the store manager said I would be an "excellent candidate" for the MIT program. My husband and I had just moved to the area and I was excited about the opportunity as it came along so quickly after a move from South Carolina.

So I had a month to show my stuff. I tried to be friendly with employees, find common interest, etc... but let me just tell you that just because I person passes the super hard test to get hired, this does not make them intelligent!! I really felt for some of the people who have posted previously and complained of being mistreated and disrespected. I will explain.

After a month to see if I could handle going in to MIT, I spoke with my manager who said it was time for review. He then proceeded to tell me that I was being fired for not "opening up to coworkers," then proceeded to cover his @ss as much as possible by mumbling, "I don't know, I can't say, I wasn't here for a week," etc... So then this narrowed down quite a bit who it was who might at complained to the DM that I wasn't a good personality match for the job. There was a college guy there I couldn't relate to much because he was quite frankly, rather daft. I can recall one instance when I came in to work and he was at the counter, I commented, "It's so nice outside," his response was "why's that?"........

The second reason given to me was that they received a complaint from a customer that I didn't give them their due dates for the rentals they borrowed. ?!!!!!! So you fire me? Don't talk with me about my FIRST complaint since getting hired, explain to me the importance of always remembering to give due dates clearly to each customer, nope..... the college football player doesn't like so..... YOU'RE FIRED!

Strange when I consider that my sales were great and a year before I had kicked @ss as an employee of a similar company, blockbuster. Yes, they are going under, but at least I was told I was doing a good job when my sales were up, and they bothered to talk to me about things I could improve rather than drop me like back of bricks.
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