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From union city, tn — 09/20/2010

I have worked for FV for a little over 2 years. I LOVE my job! I started out part-time, quickly went to full-time, and then was an Assistant Manager for a year and a half. Then an MIT, and am currently a 2-store manager. I work in an awesome region, and have wonderful support from other store managers, my district manager and my regional manager. I didn't earn their respect from being an a** kisser... I am where I am because I am a dedicated, hard worker and I understand FVs philosophies and want to be part of this amazing company that breaks records every year. We must be doing something right =) I am blessed to have such wonderful job, and wonderful employees that work WITH me, not for me. Having a great team makes such a difference and I hate knowing there are regions out there that make employees feel that they are not wanted or appreciated. Unfortunately, you are going to have bad experiences with any job. It's not for everyone. We expect a lot out of our employees and reward them for their efforts. I have been able to move up quickly with this company and will continue to do so. Nothing excites me more than helping my employees move up as well! As fast as we're growing, we're always hiring and looking for awesome people to be part of this company. If you're looking for a fun, exciting career with room for advancement, then FV is a great choice! And to all you haters.. come to our region, I promise we can change your mind! TEAM KYLE!!!!!
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