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From Nebraska — 11/25/2009

From the start I was told what to expect so I knew how to be ready for the growth. Both technically and emotionally I grew. In the interview I was shown testimonials of others success and (to be honest) was a little sceptical. What I found was each manager was not only telling me how to be successful, but showing me. I did have to study my ass off to past the insurance test for the state.... and yes, I did memorize what I was told to memorize during sales training. And, I guess, you did see me work hard at making calls and sucking big time. I guess it was when I was selling inspite of myself. My manager/trainer...what ever you call him, was actually beside me... making presentations...he made it look easy! Then, he told me that he started just like me; scared, nervous, excited, anxious, stressed...etc. I felt good knowing that I was right on pace to eventially...someday... make it look easy. That support meant everything! Never have I felt that in any other company both public companies and private. I rated the benefits a -1, because they don't directly pay for a group plan. What they do is give you a monthly bonus to compensate for that (lack of a better word) downfall. In my years of selling with family heritage, they have never paid me late! Never had to wait on the phone with the home office for longer than 30sec. All I can do now is try and pay it forward.
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