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4.3Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment3

From Ohio — 04/02/2008

Was surfing the net and googled my company, family heritage to see what people were saying about us... I'm sure every company out there, big or small has people who like and dislike the opportunity. I've worked with Family Heritage now for almost three years. It's not just a job, it's a career and a lifestyle.
I rate the pay as a 5 because any experienced salesperson will tell you that the only way to max out your income opportunity is to be paid a straight commission, not to mention your income goes up every year because of contract increases and renewals. Also the stock and monthly/weekly bonuses help. They won a "stevie" award for best incentive program last year. The respect that the company gives is great. At meetings and conventions the managers and vps, even the ceo will come up to me and ask how my family is doing and such.
Benefits I rate as a 0 because there are none. Instead, they give me cash bonuses every month based on my sales so i can choose my own insurance.
the job security is a 5 because the company has never downsized and duh, insurance is a growing industry.
Work/life balance is a 3, it offers a flexible schedule but we do have some push weeks where we travel from home.
Advancement/Growth is great as just in my third year i've been promoted 4 times.
Location is a five because you can do this anywhere in the country.
Co-worker competence is a 3, while we do work with some yahoos sometimes, we also get to work with some of the most polished professionals in the industry. They won a "stevie" award in 2006 for best trained sales force in the insurance industry.
Work Environment is 1 because ya we knock on doors (most of my sales are on referrals tho) and sometimes visit farms, who wouldn't rather work in an air conditioned or fully heated office. Those people are in the accounting department, processing claims and figuring out other ways to market these products. They might rank work enviorment higher, but what they WILL NOT rank higher is-pay, job security, work/life balance (no thanks to the 9-5), career potential/growth, location (rather live in georgia than cleveland).
If you're not just looking for a place you can get a paycheck, if you're actually looking for an opportunity to earn what your worth with a company that will train you, in a growing industry, this is the place for you.
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