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From Nationwide — 10/08/2010

The agents that actually make it going door to door are slim to none. You hear many success stories but when you average only around 400 agents through the entire US and about 100 new hires in sales school weekly, the numbers don't match. During my first year I was around the top twenty in the company for sales production. I knew I would have to work hard to get their but didn't realize how much you have to give up to get there. I never recruited anyone and wish that when I was recruited I would have actually spent a few days just following an agent and watching what they do. They don't encourage taking people into the field as part of the interview nor giving too much information about the rejection. The renewals, unlimited income, schedule sounded great while interviewing. I was surprised after placing so good in the company and only making around $48,000. Thats what the papers said I made but that is not actually what I took home. You are only given so many months of commission up front, so that year I only took home about $30,000 ( don't forget I still owe taxes) I see new people come and go so fast, that I really feel like before taking this job on and quitting another job because it sounds greener on this side, you want to go out in the field with another agent for a few days and see how it really goes. Don't just jump into going to sales school and getting your license BEFORE getting a true picture. Your old job might not be their when you decide this wasn't for you!
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