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From toledo,oh — 07/29/2009

I am a 5 year store manager who has been where all the complainers are, and I believed the all problem all have one thing in common. Poor management skills, poorly managing your store, family time, and personal time will lead to overall breakdown. The first two years I ran a store it was horrible, mostly due to my lack of training and my inability to balance my personal time vs. store time.
The last three have been great due to key factors: managing the store vs letting it manage me, competent staffing-you choose your staff so don't complain, prioritize the work-there is a method to their madness. So for those who walk away, it's in the plan, either you sink or swim in this business and it's only as hard as you make it. I am not blind to situations of incompetent seniors, large task loads, or any of the other 2000 problems that can occur in a day, but you can only do what you can do, and remember that if family dollar folds tommorow your family will still be there and you should always put them first!
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