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From W.Bridgewater MA — 04/07/2009

I have been with Family DOllar for over one year i started off as a stock man when i was in high school within one yr i went from stock to field speciast to store manager. The pay is great . remember the us average salary retail manager is 32000 a yr. family dollar is 39000 a yr. So dont complain about hrs i run a 1.2 million dollar store and work only 55hrs a wk and thats with a couple of playing around hrs. The job is easy dont let ur employees run over them but make sure there part of the team its key. Also job sercurity is ovouis if you cant run a store you cant be a manager. So dont complain. But i also reconizew the some managers do suck and need to leave the company but is is good overall. Also i have meet VP,RVP DVP all great men. They also started at the botton with some other company. SO before you complain check ur self and see if your an actualy worker and not no welfare check reciever
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