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From Longview Tx — 09/25/2010

Family Dollar is a big company. There have been plenty of bad ratings on this company. I honestly think it is because most people do not realize how these type of companies are ran. There are certain procedures that need to be followed. And anytime the DM or someone higher up than us throws a fit about something we just remember one thing and often remind each other of this when they have been attacked. "Sh** rolls down hill." The pressure that your DM is putting on you is NOT personal. The only time it gets personal is when you are constantly doing the same thing over and over again when you have been asked to do it differently.

Imagine you are store manager and your DM tells you that you MUST do something. You are currently working on the schedule or something else that needs to be done, so you tell your assistant "Please do this it must be done." The assistant is working on something so she asks her cashier if she could please do this, it must be done. The cashier ends up forgetting. Who is responsible? Everyone. Who gets chewed out? Everyone. It rolls down and it just keeps rolling. There really isn't a top or bottom. It is more like a circle. You have GOT to listen to each other and work together at Family dollar. It does NOT matter what position you hold, this is only a "place holder". You are all equal and you are all part of a team. No one is higher.... only in show. Respect is something that is earned and eventually you will be praised but you have GOT to show honesty and integrity, responsibility and willingness to work WITH someone and FOR someone with absolutely no power or authority issues.

Family Dollar is not a bad company. It's an average company. It does have it's flaws, you wont be living in a mansion or driving a Ferrari. It's Retail. Retail is hell. You chose it. In retail, no matter where you go you will be working on holidays, you wont get overtime and if you are a manager you will work when you need to. It's Salary it is NOT supposed to be broken down by the hour. You sign a contract when they hire you. You know the procedure, policies and conditions. You can try to sue this company all that you want to but you wont win. They are a fair company. They give people the opportunity to move up. If you feel you are over qualified, then go somewhere else, if no one will hire you. There is your answer. Family Dollar was the only one that gave you a chance buddy.

I've been working at Family dollar for a year. I'm 23 years old. I'm an assistant that is getting her own store in a couple of weeks. Right now I am managing a store without a manager and I am getting 10+ hours in overtime until I am a manager. Within a year I have learned 3 rules that guarantee success at Family Dollar.

1. Hire the best no matter what.
2. Work as a team
3. Understand "S*** rolls down hill and people get stressed because of this. Nothing is personal. Just do your best and be HONEST!!!
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