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From Northwest — 04/14/2010

Certainly, it is a good place for Christians to work and to fellowship but over the years, quality has been degrading within the stores. I hear from customers that they can order a product on Amazon or Christian Book websites and usually cost less and shipping takes less time. Customers say that we should have more of this book or CD on stock all the time. Customers tell us the bathroom is dirty. They also say you need another sales associate working up front since only one is working at cash register sometimes because the hours were cut. Because of the bad economy, some customers come in planned with only so much money and nothing more.
Does our store pray for one another together? No. Do I hear manager's enthusiastic voice encouraging our goals? Rarely. I have to tell my heart and brain that I can do it. The DM and RM seem to threaten us with fear. We do not work for commission or have not received pay raise in two years and we work hard for God.
World Vision is good to help foreign children with money but what about our own many American children, who live and share on this earth world, who need just as much help.
What's weird is some months, we have returns and promotion setup during the same week causing the work not to be done on time as needed. So we work off the clock here and there. If you clock in 15 mins or leave 15 mins later, they won't pay you because you can't work more than your schedule these days We used to get those 15 or 30 mins. on our paycheck. Partners bring in cleaning supplies because for some reason, we can't order certain things thru office depot or office max.
That's it, pray and good luck.
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