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From Florida — 02/18/2010

Family Christian Stores has recently instituted the management technique of "management through fear". If this is the type of work atmosphere that YOU thrive in, go for it! FCS is divided into 3 districts. The district that covers the central US has been using this method and has done extremely well when compared to the East and West coast districts. Therefore, Corporate FCS has demanded that the DMs and SMs in East and West coast districts begin managing in the same fashion. Keep in mind that Family CHRISTIAN Stores is supposedly run with CHRISTIAN ideals and ethics. Family management also has the attitude of "whatever it takes to get the job done" ~ even if it means certain employees working off the clock or not taking breaks, which is illegal. These employees who work off the clock or don't take their breaks are not bad people, just Americans trying to keep their jobs! It was bad enough with sales goals which included trying to induce customers to go into Unchristian debt by pushing BofA credit cards and hard selling $5 items at the check out, now we have the added worry of losing our job tomorrow because we couldn't hit unrealistic sales goals in an economy that's in the toilet. I agree with other reviewers who posted about the traffic counter problems when it comes to large families, shoppers looking for another store, people just in the store to browse, etc. Also, quite a lot of our merchandise is junk made in China! I wouldn't buy most of the merchandise we sell! I also have a problem with the World Vision project. Are US children not part of a FCS "World Vision?" I NEVER hear of World Vision helping any American children or doing missionary work in the US. I've been with FCS for over 3 1/2 years and loved working here at first. It's been the best job I've ever had. But constant changes in management at DM and store level, high pressure sales tactics expectations and micromanagement are going to drag this company down. I really do believe FCS is a corporation that will not survive this recession/depression. Moving from Christian management/ownership to Secular management/ownership a few years ago was a huge mistake, in my opinion.
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