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From clearwater florida — 11/21/2009

First of all, I want to say I love and have always loved Family Christian Stores, There is a peacefulness there, that is not found in other retail stores. My manager and my co-workers were the absolute best.: very hardworking, pleasant, joyful, and the most considerate bunch of people anyone could ever hope to meet. I consider it an honor to have worked there. I loved everything about my job and the customers. This is not a job i chose for the money. AND, if anyone should choose ANY job because of the paycheck, I pray they will wake up. God has a plan and purpose for every individual and nobody can be fulfilled in their job unless they find the place where God wants them. Everyone knows that retail typically does not pay big bucks. But in so many ways, this job was an answer to prayer. Given the current economics etc of course they ask the sales clerks to achieve certain goals. Wouldn't you expect that? After all, that's why we are there, to sell merchandise, correct? People come in to buy, and we help them find what they need. The merchandise comes in so that it can go out, so that the store can make a profit and remain in business. Come on people, dont be so rough!! Sure there are things that aren't perfect - sure they got a bit more demanding with the sales as of late - but it's that way everywhere, not just here! I worked here part time for 4 wonderful years. They were very accomodating and flexible with my hours. They kept me well informed, treated me very well, offered training as necessary, for example when new products came out we often had training dvd's so we could become familiar with the product. I will continue to pray for the staff because they are great and I love them, and although they may not be perfect, please don't forget, they serve the One who is.: Jesus! I sincerely hope other FCS employees will remember to note the many good things as they submit their reviews. I believe sounding boards like this tend to bring out the critical spirits bigtime. Therefore I will keep my complaints to a minimum, because, all in all, the good far outweighs the bad. I love this place.
I will keep FCS in my prayers and I hope you will too.
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