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From Plainfield, IN — 09/21/2009

For 5 1/2 years, I was the ICS (Inventory Control Specialist) for Family Christian Store #193. In that time, I worked with a super staff that became like family to me. The work environment was never hostile or ugly, but was one of genuine friendliness and caring. Even when I traveled to other stores to assist with new store set ups, moves, inventories, or training other ICS's, I found other fellow employees to be helpful, gracious, and considerate. As a store, we did experience a couple of managerial changes while I was there, but thankfully each manager was great to work with - as well as the other managers within our district. As for salary, I was lucky in that I was hired in at a bit higher rate, which helped considerably when Family started having to cut back on ICS hours. As for the aspect of sales, I, too, had complained about the quotas and the marketing requirements, as I also worked as a cashier when needed. It was sometimes stressful to have to do "add-on" sales on top of what the customer was already purchasing. I found, thou, that when I was more positive and friendly with the customers, the more likely that they would consider the book or DVD that was being recommended. Attitude made a difference for me and the interaction with customers. As a whole, I loved my job at Family and I very much miss the staff I worked with. Unfortunately, I had to take a full time job elsewhere - otherwise I'd still be there. I've since learned that the kindness and warmth I experienced with my former coworkers cannot be duplicated. Still, I feel that I was extremely blessed to have been employed with Family and will remember it for the outstanding group of people I was privileged to work with.
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