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From Grand Rapids MI — 03/13/2009

I've read through the multiple posts about FCS. I have worked for the company for 9.5 years. I've seen a lot of transition in that time. Some good, some changes left you wondering what was going on. But I do not recognize the FCS that these others are communicating on this site. The Leadership are quality people. Christian business people who care deeply about their ministry and business. From what I've read these other individuals came to FCS with the naive assumption that just because it was a Christian retailer they wouldn't have rules and requirements and quotas and sales. That is a pretty narrow-sited approach when you are going to work at a retail organization. How is FCS suppose to compete against a secular marketplace that continues to offer Christian products? How long would any of us continue to work if we didn't actively promoted sales and new products? Yes there are traffic counters. This is a way to measure effectiveness in the retail world. Sadly I've learned that just because you work for a retail organization does not guarantee that the people will all be great representatives of Christ. The stories of people who have cheated the company and the extremely creative ways they found to steal are fascinating and disturbing at the same time. I've done okay financially. I have grown in my opportunities here. I like to think it's because I've worked hard. I've been committed to the success of this company. And, I have tried hard to let my faith be my guide in interactions with others and how I perform my daily tasks. As far as Job Security, I don't know of very many businesses that can offer Job Security. But in the retail world we continue to see retailers close their doors. We continue to see retailers cut jobs. All due to a poor economy and lack of confidence in our Country recovering from this recession any time soon. Yet the job cuts have been very minimal in comparison to other retailers. It's always sad when someone loses their livelihood. But I doubt their are many businesses out there who have a prayer time devoted to those who have just been relieved of their duties and with the encouragement of Sr Mgmt to reach out to those who have lost their jobs. I read in another comment that unless you work in the Home Office or Upper Mgmt you have long hours and have to work weekends. Guess what? I work in the Home Office and I am frequently spending hours on my weekend working. Simply because I like to get the job done. It's not required, my supervisors have even asked me to spend less of my personal time working on the weekends and to make sure I keep a balance in my life. But I know that what I do is important to the success of the company. If it calls for me to sacrifice time on a weekend I will do it to assure the job gets done. As far as co-worker competence. I've read that people spend a lot of time playing foos ball. That was a ridiculous statement. There is a room that has a foos ball table. But people only spend time in their as a break from the routine. I don't see people over-indulging in that area. The people I work with are quality individuals and professionals. They work hard and care a great deal about their personal jobs and their personal ministries. I've never felt disrespected. I realize everyone has a perspective when it comes to their employer. I've rated FCS high in Work Environment because I've worked in the Christian retail industry and the Secular environment. There is no comparison. FCS is hands down the best place I've worked at. For those who still work here and have a different perspective. It might seem a little harsh but I would prefer that you find employment elsewhere, because if this is your attitude you will likely be happier elsewhere and we will certainly become more effective as a company and ministry if we find someone who doesn't complain at every turn. My thought is a person with a good attitude will likely perform better. Making it a win/win for the company and the employee.
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