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From Alabama — 11/18/2008

When I started with FCS it was great. I loved the DM and being a manager was great. It was a ministry. Even in the midst of the 1990s boom the company was always at the verge of going out of business. In or about 1999 the company went from owned by a few of the upper mang to being owned by Madison Dearbourn. Things started to change.

Even with the inital change the DMs were great and helped me see that this was for the best. Sales were going well at my location and then one day we got the message that the pres. of the store was leaving. Now the real trouble began.

The new head guy was all business and my guess was he had not been to a Christian Bookstore in many years becasue the meeting that we meet him he used a song more than 8 years old to tell us the "saddle up our horses" things were going to change.

The year I spent under new mang was horrible. Every customer must buy or else, nearly all customers needed to buy an add on book, several customers needed to pre-buy items, a few each day needed to sign up for a credit card, and a few each week needed to sponser a child through world vision. If all of these goals were not meet--we were told to write up our associates and if it cont. we would be written up.

No longer were in house employees promoted to higher volume stores---outside experience was needed.

That was the last straw--no advancement available, too many forced requirements, had to schedule employees by a chart, and oh did I mention they started opening on Sundays. You would go from a normal week for mang. went from 60 hours to 70. Not the best enviroment for a family.
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